6 months ago

A quick tip. A banana eases gerd symptoms and acid reflux instantly for me. I eat half a banana last thing at night and first thing in the morning to absorb acid and prevent reflux. Works for me, I never go anywhere without one. Hope this helps someone . Well the back pain i was having ended up being a UTI.im glad i wasnt thinking it was just gerd or something. Antibiotics start tomarrow.

Lisa Dalene Morawetz I have heard that, and also apples apparently too. Good to know it works 😊

Deborah D. Mattox Miller Apples have helped me a lot this week!! Yes!!

Lisa Dalene Morawetz I had one today when I noticed some pains, and after a while, I felt a lot better 😊

Denise Mager Saltine crackers work really well too

Michelle Bates-Phipps omeprazole for gerd are a big no for me. Glad you are finding relief though.

Marie Tanton I had really bad acid last night - a banana totally cleared it. But I did read that they have the opposite effect for about 1% of people.

Jan Wagner I find there is only a narrow time window to eat one, if it is on the raw side or getting too ripe it's a killer for me, but from dark yellow just about to getting spots seems the best.
Jennifer O'grady The Bananas need to be a bit in the unripe side. Ripe soft bananas have the opposite effect heartburn.

Mohd Fairuz

Red apple work for me.

Anzhelika Barinberg Red apple work for me as well.

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